Friday, October 26, 2018

Cheap Great Flamenco

This must be a pricing error. 24 tracks of primo vintage flamenco genius for just 99¢. It's digital. You download (256 kbps, i.e. good-quality) MP3s, and can easily create a playlist in iTunes and drag the files into that playlist. They'll import complete with artwork and track titles. Just do it, trust me. If you find The Gypsy Kings "atmospheric", listen to this and see what the music's really like (though purists correctly note that Manitas de Plata isn't entirely doctrinaire, himself).

You may find guitarist Plata "flashy" (though flash is an integral part of the style). But the many tracks with Jose Reyes singing are unforgettable. Get an idea here (this performance hasn't been published anywhere...and it's a deeper level than anything on the preceding set, which is nonetheless great):


"¡Venga, Paco!", an appreciation of Paco de Lucia (with great music links).

"Recordings I've Worn Out", various music tips, including flamenco.

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