Thursday, July 25, 2019

Tick Tips

Some follow-up to my big tick primer from last year:

I explained to my doctor that I am immense (at 6 feet and 200 lbs my skin could upholster an Italian sports car), hairy, and near-sighted, so being told “inspect yourself for ticks” is basically demonic cruelty. She had a smart suggestion: shower when you get inside going over yourself thoroughly with a loofa. I’m gonna buy one of these or else one of these.


1. Must inspect loofah after shower for any embedded ticks.

2. Ticks might go down drain and (yikes) climb back up.

BTW, best way to kill a tick (I love this!) is to trap it in an inch of tape stuck to itself. This also preserves the specimen if you need it checked by a lab for Lyme virus. Crap, I already wrote this .

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Anonymous coward said...

I feel conflicted about killing ticks. On one hand they are a lyme disease transmitting parasite and on the other they possess some level of intelligence and are food for other animals. I went hardcore on the vegan path and a firehose of correct and incorrect data was thrown at me, I was told all animals could feel pain, but I am unsure if ticks can. In short, I have a spot in my yard where I throw all the blood suckers, call me a bleeding heart liberal, but I just can't stand to kill ticks.

Having vegan leanings I also feel weird about cyborg moths, turtles, and mice. What do you think?

"Researchers Steer Cyborg Mice Through Maze with Brain Stimulation"

Btw, no captcha needed.

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