Thursday, January 9, 2020


I'm pulling a line out of an older posting, "Why We Crucify Truth Tellers (and Why They Deserve It)", so I can make it one of my "Definitions" entries (which I try to keep short):

Self-destructive people may seem irrational, but they're not. They're acting out a drama, just as we all are, but tweeking parameters for more challenging gameplay. They're simply working at a more advanced level, like increasing resistance on a StairMaster. They've rejected the easy win, that's all.

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Anonymous coward said...

I try to play on as easy a difficulty as possible.

Display Name said...

Oh yeah: I refuse to read/watch anything a third time wanted to give my take on this thought. I've been told that when a woman gets pregnant all of a sudden her and maybe even her husband see preggers everywhere. After the pregnancy the preggers fade into the back ground again. My pregnant friend watched an old movie where a woman was pregnant and then Stuff Happened for like ten years and the story never said what became of the baby??? This horrified her. Prolly no one else even noticed. Jim you don't need to get pregnant to see my point. You see different things when you are in different parts of your life. Can be fun to revisit old neighborhoods. Went to my quaker el school and omg stuff be so much smaller than i remember. Gonna get ready to howl at the moon as soon as it shows itself.

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