Saturday, February 1, 2020

Why Aren’t Extremely Wealthy People More Generous?

I thought this answer I wrote on Quora was pretty good, though only one Quorite (Quoraer? Quarashi?) agreed.
I always expect people to enjoy realizing they’ve “been wrong all along” as much as I do, and to be as skeptical toward conceptual flattery as I am. Following the Golden Rule on this has been a big mistake I can’t seem to stop making. You know how to get ahead and make people feel great? Tell them, with bubbling delight, that they are absolutely right.
My highest rated answer on Quora, which I’ve linked to before, was to “How Do I Tell If Someone is Intelligent?”

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Display Name said...

So nice to see The Golden Rule mentioned Jim. I got sent to Plymouth Meeting Friends back in the day and they were very big on the golden rule. Except for the one hour commute each way it was an amazing experience. All the teachers were underpaid and wanted to be there. It sure wasn't for the money. They kept an eye on us during recess but in a quiet way so there was not much bullying. We got sent to the principal's office for using our hands as imaginary guns to pretend to shoot each other. The punishment was generally talking to us. And talking and talking. Couldn't you just hit me and be done with it? :) Still trying to practice the golden rule.

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