Sunday, June 7, 2020

Defunding the Police

For the love of god, people (or, for those less ambitious or religious, for the survival of the republic and our way of life): Don't make the rallying cry this summer and fall "Defund the Police". It would be less insanely self-defeating to strip off all our clothes and devote our lives to meekly servicing the president's corpulent flesh.

"De-Militarize the Police"
"Purge Bad Cops"
"Restore Decency"
"Black Lives Matter"

All fine! But "Defund the Police"? How about we offer some faint quantity of vaunted "#Resistance" to the ogres and scumbags scheming their way toward a second term? How about we don't cut our own throats and drop our bodies on their doorstep with a massive "We Surrender" sign?


Unknown said...

Can I re-post this on FB?

James Leff said...

Sure, with credit plus link to the original post.

Though with Biden disavowing, it looks like it won’t be a Thing.

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