Sunday, August 23, 2020

Melania's Rose Garden

Our first lady’s remarkable redesign of Jackie Kennedy’s historic rose garden reminds me of a similarly remarkable renovation in Spain a few years ago....see this link.

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Joseph Keller said...

I have no love for the Trump family, but...

Please look closely at those photos. The trees--crabapples-- had grown too large and were casting too much shade.

The backbone of the garden--the patterned boxwood-- remains.

The colorful flowers in the photo on the left [taken in 2008, btw...] are tulips, bulbs that bloom in spring and then go dormant. You would not see them now. I guarantee you new ones, likely all white, will be planted in November to produce blooms next spring.

The picture on the right is not clear enough for me to say for sure, but it looks like the beds are newly planted with white roses and Russian sage.

Gardens don't stand still and often need re-working. I think the new garden is lovely and the removal of the trees reveals the clean, handsome lines of that wing of the White House. Please be sure to revisit this next April when the tulips are in bloom for a true comparison.

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