Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Middle Path: Revenge of the Puddy Puds

Facebook comment re: my previous posting ("The Middle Path is Sneaky Magic"):
Man I’ve been striving for that middle!
My reply:
You can't get to the middle by striving for it. You get there via the improv comedy mantra of "Yes, and...." I.e. blithely accept the cards as they're dealt.

We live in a society where every 2 year old is endlessly quizzed on his likes/dislikes ("Greggy LIKES the brownie! Greggy LIKES the brownie!"). By adulthood, we identify ourselves by the stuff we dislike, eschew, object to, and/or are allergic to. The rejection of vast swathes is what fuels tribalism, and eventually leads to extremism (a burning of all bridges to rejected swathes).

The thing no one tells you is you can embrace it all (without losing a bit of discernment). In this society, it makes you look like a pud, but, shhh, puds win.

The jolly, turd-ish pud can do this or that. Go up or down, left or right. He enjoys a delirious spectrum of options in all things, with all bridges to all realms of reality fully intact.

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