Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Parallels of Anti-Racism and Homophobia

If being non-racist is “good”, then being super extra anti-racist must be amazing. Strident anti-racists are seeking extra credit for their extravagant virtuousness....while hiding the fact that they're afraid they’re maybe just a little bit racist. Shhhh!

Macho homophobia is a way of establishing that one is not just straight, but super extra straight....while hiding gnawing insecurities. Shhhh!

Being quite secure in both my racial tolerance and my heterosexuality, I feel no urge to ostentatiously prove (or hide) anything.

I really don't care whether someone craves innies or outies, and I really don't care what someone thinks of other races (so long as they don't cause harm or illegally discriminate). Think whatever you want and shtup whoever you want. It's totalitarian to imagine trying to control how people think.

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