Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Wanting What’s Needful

Does it really need to be pointed out that the sane course is to like whatever you have to do? If you turn it all into candy, everything's candy. The magic wand for that alchemy is an effortless shift of perspective

Just a few weeks ago, I explained how to transform this same tight-assed grinding assessment into buoyancy. The problem is never in what arises; it's in our tight-assed grinding assessment! And assessments are absurdly arbitrary, though the richer a society gets, the more tenaciously its entitled princes and princesses frame their preferences (“preference” is the slavery of the excessively liberated*).

* Setting firm preferences ensures pain when outcome (inevitably) falls short. Less privileged people, feeling no entitlement to prefered outcome, scarcely set preference at all, so their worldly experience feels much less presecutory.

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