Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apple: Told You So! ;)

So Apple's stock dipped to $328, then shot back up to $348, as I predicted it would. Congrats to all who made themselves a quick 6% gain (not a bad gain for an entire year in this economy)!

Apple's stock is twitchy. Negative news will throw it, even if it's about factors that can't thwart their overall progress. Buying on these twitchy dips is smart, because Apple's upward trajectory will remain nearly inexorable, at least for a while.

As I explained last year, most current computer users don't need computers, and would be far better served by iPads. And the remainder, who do need computers, would be far better served by iPads for much of what they currently use their computers for.

In time, iPad will face serious competition. But for now, Apple has unrealized "first mover" value to reap, having been first out of the gate (and out of the gate with a remarkably mature, thoughtful product...which will be improved and updated as aggressively as Apple's $50B war chest will allow). So I'll hold my Apple stock for at least another year or two, regardless of Steve Jobs' medical condition, antenna performance, stolen prototypes, or whatever other yadda yadda the chattering classes come up with. In fact, I'll buy more each time the stock price twitches downward.

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