Monday, January 31, 2011

The Future of Moving?

I'm packing this week to move to a new home. My life is being lived entirely in the realm of cardboard. I am deep in the corrugation.

I know how people moved before cardboard boxes: they were either rich, and used trunks, or poor, and didn't have possessions.

And I know how people have moved for the past 60 years: cardboard boxes.

But I find myself wondering: how might technology ease and improve this process, short of matter transporters? I can't imagine, but it seems impossible that such a primitive and painful rigamarole will remain the norm for centuries.

Assuming civilization survives and technology continues its advance, there will surely be some improvement. And the fact that I can't imagine it fascinates and intrigues me. The opaqueness means it will be something really cool!

(My friend Bill Monk speculates that photographic memory will be created by vitamins, allowing one to recall the location of every packed item).


vaughn tan said...

reframe the problem for a possible solution: have less stuff, no children, and duffle bags for everything except breakables.

Val in Seattle said...

There are many companies that rent out plastic moving boxes.

Jim Leff said...

Oh, sure, there are any number of materials that boxes can be made from. But that doesn't substantially change the experience!

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