Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPad Tips

Apple gadget week continues with three iPad shortcuts I only just learned about:

Have you been hitting the "123" key to do apostrophes and quotes on iPad? Well, stop that! Instead, just hit and hold the period/question mark key for quotes, and the exclamation/comma key for apostrophes. You're welcome!

And for other stuff normally hidden in "number mode", hit "123", hold, and slide to the key you need. Hit it and you'll be snapped back to the alpha layout.

And a bonus tip you probably know: recent versions of iOS (for both iPad and iPhone) allow you to create custom keyboard shortcuts. You can set it to type out, for example, "Jesus Christ, the lasagna was incredible" each time you type, say, JCLI. Just go to Preferences/ General/ Keyboard.


sku said...

Any thoughts on whether it's worth the extra money to get the new ipad vs. the ipad 2?

Jim Leff said...

Hit an apple store and judge for yourself! The display is markedly nicer. Which, to me, is only half of a persuader. The other half would be discontent with the display on my iPad 2. But I love my iPad 2, so there's very little temptation!

iOS 6 brings Siri to the latest iPad. But I need Siri more on my phone than iPad.

TomMeg said...

I'm thinking about getting one for my mother.

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