Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Daily Show Tackles the Wisconsin Recall Elections

See below for a devastating bit from last night's Daily Show which asks very tough questions about the Wisconsin recall election.

I'm not a Scott Walker fan, so I've been mildly happy about this action and eager to see it succeed. And it wasn't until I saw this clip that I ever stopped to think: is this how our country ought to work?

The Daily Show's never been left-wing, though plenty of liberals love it. It mostly just appears that way in contrast to the increasingly extreme far-right. The soul of the show is in finding insanity and stupidity wherever it lies - and making jokes about it. I enjoy the jokes, but am particularly grateful to have my mind changed when I, myself, have been insane or stupid - as I was in rooting for the recall effort. Kudos, Wyatt Cenac.

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