Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everybody Hates Somebody Sometime

One thing that always cracks me up about Chowhound is that there is no great restaurant so beloved as to escape hatred. That's just the nature of the peanut gallery - er, sorry, the online networked community. There's always a contrarian, and he or she is often pissed off.

I decided to test this assumption, and, sure enough, a bit of surfing turned up some harsh words for the following seemingly sacrosanct things. Click for the full rants (I need to stress that the following are not satirical):

The Taj Mahal: "I think that Taj Mahal is a big hype! I have seen grander and more marvelous pieces of architecture in Europe and America than Taj Mahal. Statue of Liberty is more imposing"

Citizen Kane: "It has the aura of the Independent Film Channel about it. That is where you view interesting failed experiments of promising young filmakers"

James Joyce's "Ulysses":  "No more than an adolescent playing with styles to no good purpose whatsoever"

Porsche sports cars: "Very over rated and very over priced. There not even good looking"

Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue": "One star for Cannonball Adderly's and Bill Evans' efforts. Otherwise, it is feces hailed as something good"

Mahatma Gandhi: "So erratic and unpredictable that he may have delayed Indian independence for twenty-five years"

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night":  "I like the starscape idea, but its not nearly colorful or stylized enough."


Pat said...

What a great colletion of fuss budget comments. Gandhi is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I rarely post negative stuff online unless I think the restaurant (or business) is evil or deceitful or completely full of themselves. I tend to only post positive comments, because I want the places that I like and enjoy to continue to prosper. The downside is that I could be mistaken for a shill since nearly all my posts are positive.

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