Saturday, November 22, 2008


It turns out I was suckered on that "George Bush Gets Snubbed by World Leaders" story, which I wrote about yesterday. Just before the video in that report, Bush had warmly greeted everyone present...and so did not need to do so again.

I thought I could trust a report from CNN. Rick Sanchez should be ashamed of himself. Not only is this wretchedly poor reporting, but it fuels the right's indignation about liberal media, about CNN simply being the left wing analogue of Fox News, etc, etc. And that line isn't mere bluster...the constant pressure placed upon "liberal media" is responsible for the sort of overcompensation that caused a lot of American mass media to stifle their doubts re: the Iraq War.


Big Fella said...

When I viewed the Bush "no-handshake" video it didn't make much of an impression on me, one way or the other. The video that really caught my attention yesterday was the Sarah Palin turkey photo op.

Jim Leff said...

Hadn't seen that, but just caught it:

Pretty amazing....

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