Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Great Anti-Anti-Stimulus Lines

I'm rerunning this golden oldie from 2009:

Nice comment by one Mark W. Budwig on Andrew Tobias' blog, regarding the stimulative effect of the Republican's proposed slashing of corporate tax rates:
"Can’t you just hear the boardroom conversation? ‘People are losing jobs by the millions! Demand is in the toilet! But now we have a real chance to hire workers we don’t need to produce goods we can’t sell, all because of the lower taxes on the profits we won’t have!’”

Also, Jon Stewart got in some good lines in his Daily Show interview with John Sununu last night:
Sununu: "We shouldn't be increasing the deficit even though we've got economic challenges....This is a trillion dollar stimulus plan. A trillion dollars!"

Stewart: "I know, but we spent $700 billion dollars in Iraq. Why can't we build our country? Here's an idea. I have weapons of mass destruction. Invade me!"

Sununu: "You have to answer the question: where is the money going to come from? We have to borrow every single penny....and a future generation is going to be asked to pay that back. You have to be honest about that. We'll increase the deficit by a trillion dollars, and that...."

Stewart: "But isn't a future generation going to have to pay off the Iraq war money, too? Isn't a future generation going to have to pay back the [Bush] 1.2 trillion dollar tax cut? All of a sudden it's, like, 'Hey, we've gotta pay this back!' Why have they decided to's like history starts now!


Seth Godin said...

Just to keep the record right, the last "Sununu" should say "Stewart"

Keep making a ruckus, Jim

Jim Leff said...

Thanks, Seth, fixed.

If by making a ruckus, you mean nonstop slavish linking of Daily Show wisecracks, don't worry, I'm on it!

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