Monday, September 17, 2012

What You Should Never Say to a Gunman

There was a law enforcement study a few years ago (I can't find the link) analyzing which circumstances make it more or less likely that someone pointing a gun will actually pull the trigger.

They found one (surprisingly common!!) phrase victims say which is incredibly likely to result in the firing of the weapon:
"Just go ahead and do it!"


Elliot said...

Sorry I saw this so late, but the coolest variation of the "what not to say" has to be during the hit on Johnny Cokes in '77. There were rumors that Cokes, then in prison, was going to be talking to the Feds. When he was given a rather unusual Easter furlough (OC guys didn't get halfway houses in the 70's, much less furloughs) it seemed proof enough. Cokes went to a motel (to spend the furlough in its most productive way) but in the parking lot, Mikie Cigars jumped out with a silenced 22, aimed it at Cokes, pulled the trigger, and there was a single "click" and nothing else.
Cokes uttered the ultimate "what you should never say to a gunman line" - "So, what're you going to do NOW, tough guy?" In response, Mikie pulled out his boot 38 and shot Cokes four times, killing him instantly.

Jim Leff said...

You're killin' me!

What is an "OC guy"?

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