Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've Caught This Flu (please read for remedy suggestion!)

I'm pretty sure I've got this flu. No reason to panic, or even for concern...while the current flu in Mexico is serious, the version in the US, though extremely contagious, is considered very mild by flu standards. It has a really short incubation time -  symptoms appear 1 or 2 days after exposure.

Do me a favor. Hit a pharmacy and buy some Oscillococcinum, the homeopathic flu remedy, to have on hand. I totally don't believe in homeopathy...I think it's an utterly bogus concept. But this stuff, for some reason, ALWAYS works for flu. Here's instructions: as soon as you spot symptoms, on an empty stomach, dissolve the contents of one tube under your tongue. Don't eat for an hour. And don't brush with mint toothpaste for a couple of days...use baking soda or just a dry brush (mint is supposed to interfere). You shouldn't need to take more, but if symptoms do appear, take a half a tube once or twice per day. And avoid mint anything.

Since homeopathic drugs contain essentially nothing, you shouldn't have side effects. One thing is that if it works, you may feel mildly tired for the length of time you'd otherwise have been sick (it's a lot better than getting sick! you can function!). But no other symptoms should appear.

Since we may be facing a global pandemic of a more serious variety of this flu, it may actually be a good thing for your body to form some antibodies. No one's sure about cross-immunity, but I'll take all the antibodies I can get, in case the more serious strain comes north.

Sorry for the clunky writing...gotta sleep...I don't feel that bad, though; this is pretty lite as flus go....

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