Friday, November 6, 2009

Trauma on the Upper East Side

So I walk into Eli Zabar's store at Third Avenue and 80th Street, where I spot lots of well-chosen, lesser-known brands seldom seen all together in the same store. Nice!

I buy a small bag of granola, a bottle of Honest Tea, and a tiny takeout container I've filled with a few errant tidbits from the salad bar - a couple pieces of broccoli, a small wedge of sweet potato, and a barbecued chicken leg.

The cashier adds it all up and announces a total of $25. I freeze for a moment, dumbfounded, and ask her to repeat the number. She does. Struggling  to control my trembling hands, I can't seem to fish the bills from my wallet. I ask the cashier to be patient, as I'm in shock. She doesn't even grin. 

I'm reminded once again that Manhattan is not a place for someone who's sold off a measly one single company to a major corporation.

The chicken leg (barbecued) was surprisingly good, though...

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Pat said...

Going into Manhattan is a great treat for me, but one must go REALLY prepared, if anything is going to be purchased. Money simply evaporates there.

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