Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPhone Tracker

Super cool! And hyper-terrifying! It's scari-cool-ific!

Track everywhere you've ever been with your iPhone. Just download iPhone Tracker, launch, and it sucks the info from the iPhone backup data on your computer (obviously, you need to run the application on the same computer you back up your phone to).

Read the FAQ to see why it's terrifying.


Backpack Phill said...

A great app but then Apple spoils it. They will use the information to advertise to us somehow. When will they leave us alone?

Anonymous said...

When I attempt to run the program on a Macbookpro running OS 10.6.7 I get an error that says:
"Couldn't load consolidated.db file from '/Users.......Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup"

Unknown said...

this is an awesome app to calculate your travel expenses (where did I go in the past two years and what did I spend while I was there) too bad I can't get it to work...

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