Sunday, May 29, 2011

Comedy Sites, Podcasts, and DVDs

Read this funny/interesting/great interview with Bill Murray. Speaking of Bill Murray, check this out.

Finally released: The Ernie Kovacs Collection.

Amazing site full of interviews with old-time comedians (I was particularly intrigued by the interview with Norm Crosby).

Particularly good insider account of Johnny Carson. Speaking of Carson, one of my favorite pieces of trivia is that Johnny spoke fluent Swahili, and in his retirement used to do standup in Kenya and Tanzania in the local language (just as good: Colin Powell freaked out the prime minister of Israel by greeting him in fluent Yiddish).

Comedian Marc Maron's extended audio interview with Jonathan Winters

Maron's interview with Garry Shandling

Adam Carolla's extended audio interview with Albert Brooks

The Tobolowsky Files is a stupendously entertaining series of podcasts by veteran character actor Stephen Tobolowsky (he played obnoxious insurance salesman Ned Ryerso in Groundhog Day). Hear his recollections about shooting Groundhog Day in episode #29, his riotous thoughts on acting in episode #45, and his tale of being forced to read a manuscript at 3am in Graceland in episode #1. The best introduction may, however, be Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party, the legendary cult film that launched Tobolowsky's career as storyteller. Here's how to view it.

One more podcast: Public Radio's The Sound of Young America has some good extended pieces with top comedians (e.g. Bill Burr and Best Comedy of 2010)

Note: all above podcasts are also available via iTunes.

I've created a new tag for the Slog called "Comedy", and tagged previous entries about comedy (as opposed to previous entries that were actually themselves funny).

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