Saturday, May 7, 2011

To-Read List

Even if you're not a Twitter user, I'd highly recommend bookmarking the Twitter feeds for Garry Shandling and for Albert Brooks. Both are new to Twitter, and are doing creative and hilarious work within the form.

A fascinating Twitter feed I'll keep following long after Osamasnuffmania fades is that of Sohaib Athar, a wry, thoughtful English-fluent computer geek who runs a coffee shop in Abbottabad...and who unwittingly live blogged the recent operation there.
Start out with this introduction to his story (be sure to scroll past the "related links" story for more) and then browse his FAQ. Then start reading his Twitter feed from back before the US operation (you'll have to scroll back a lot, but it's worth it). If there's a better window into the (reassuringly sane and sophisticated) vibe "on the ground" in Pakistan, I can't imagine it. Oh, and I also like his blog, which is currently inactive while he copes with a press furor).

Back to Garry Shandling. If you haven't viewed
his squirmy interview with Ricky Gervais, check it out. And then read this great Amy Wallace piece on him from last August's GQ (an issue devoted to comedy), which included background on that interview.

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