Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free App Makes Portable Audio Sound Great

Programming/guitar wiz Bill Monk hipped me this morning to Bongiovi DPS, a just-released iOs app he's been checking out.

It optimizes audio for small speakers (like iphone or ipod) or for Apple headphones, dock, airplay, and bluetooth. And the difference is profound. It's a creation of the guy who founded legendary Powerplant studios in NYC. And, best of all, it's free (you can upgrade for a couple bucks to make it more versatile and kill the ads). The sole downside is it won't play any DRM tracks (i.e. music you've bought via iTunes).

There's a version for desktop computers, which has been around for a while, too. You can get a free trial, but I haven't used it because I have decent speakers hooked up to my computer.

Here's a direct link to its page in the App Store.

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