Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tibetan/Hunan Breakfast Rice

I'm still trying to find healthy breakfast ways to use up leftover white rice (propolis knocked out my stomach virus quickly, leaving me stocked to the gills with BRAT). Last time it was the unlikely-but-satisfying Spinach Banana Rice Omelet Scramble. This time: Tibetan/Hunan Breakfast Rice.

Spread out 1 to 2 cups leftover white rice in a nonstick skillet, and cook at medium low heat for 10 minutes, or until bottom is crunchy. Use a fork to flip rice (it should remain mostly intact, but don't worry if it doesn't). Cook the other side a bit less, then transfer to a cereal bowl. (Optional step: pour a tablespoon or two of melted butter or ghee over the rice). Salt (preferably coarse grain, e.g. kosher salt) generously. Add six ounces of unflavored yogurt and a generous drizzle of honey or (better) pomegranate molasses or fruit preserves. Stir slightly and serve.

The sweet/salty rice with sour yogurt (and ghee) is adapted from a traditional Tibetan dessert. Tibetans don't crisp the rice, though...that's my tribute to Hunan. The pomegranate molasses are just good.

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