Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Really Cool Web Sites

I burned out on "really cool web sites" (RCWs) back in around 2000. A number of factors contributed:

1. More and more RCWs seemed to have been devised solely to get placed on RCW lists, inevitably resulting in less genuine wonderment and more shticky desperation.

2. The sites devoted to recommending RCWs (Digg, Reddit, etc.) were too heroin-like, and I had to stop visiting them.

3. I'm increasingly out of step with the mainstream, which means many supposed RCWs don't strike me as being all that cool (I still don't get Facebook, for example...and, conversely, no one besides me seems to derive the least joy from my profile picture there.)

4. Even novelty itself eventually stales (I've been through periods where my palate has grown so jaded that stuff like unsalted, unsweetened oatmeal and steamed kale tasted exciting).

That said, these are some damned cool web site tips (disregard the shticky/desperate mousetrap crap), none previously known to me.

There's no need to take notes during the video; links are offered just below the frame.

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