Thursday, October 25, 2012

Evernote For Takeout Menus

I'm replaying the following because 1. I've added photos, and 2. I'm so thrilled with this solution.

There are several restaurants I order takeout or delivery from. And I don't always have their menus close-by. Some offer their menus online, but they're often outdated, incomplete, and/or difficult to access via a mobile device. And it's not easy to photograph menus and have them be readable in mobile, due to their unusual dimensions and layouts.

But if I scan or photograph a takeout menu into Evernote, some sort of magic occurs that makes the menus easily phone-readable without the slightest processing fuss on my end. It "just works". This has made my eating life a lot more convenient.

The font looks tiny in the following photos, but notice the scale of the phone itself. Everything's easily readable in actual use:

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