Saturday, October 6, 2012

TMDTIATW: Goat Milk Caramels

The most delicious thing I ate this week (TMDTIATW) was an incredible goat milk caramel from Big Picture Farm in Vermont. Using my surprisingly non-ditzy system for rating foods from 1-to-10, these caramels are a rare example of a reliable, consistent, go-to "10".

My first thought after unwrapping the greasy, old-fashioned wrapper and tossing the gooey, fragrant plug of godhead into my mouth was that not just anyone ought to be allowed this pleasure. There really should be a qualifying test.

They aren't particularly goaty, but the nearly subliminal funk adds its nuance to a sublime balance of simple, fresh ingredients. The result is way better than any caramel I've ever tasted, and well worth going out of your way for (here's a list of retailers, including Zabar's).

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PZ said...

This Professor of Religious Studies congratulates Mr. Leff on a theological first: Making "godhead" sound dirty!

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