Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Life-Affirming Power of Superior Sweatpants

I wear drawstring sweatpants around the house, and my last pair was on its last legs for months while I desperately tried to find a quality replacement. There are lots of high-quality options for women, but the ones for men are all crap.

These, however, kill. Much better-looking than in the photo (I recommend the darker color). And instead of being fuzzy/fleecy, they're sort of felty. Fit great. 22 bucks.

I've never been an Old Navy shopper, figuring it was all cheaply-made Chinese stuff that would fit poorly and quickly fall apart. I can't say these are artisan-stitched, but as long as they last I'm pretty sure they'll make me happy (obviously, it doesn't take much).

Now if I could just find a decent white crew sock...

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