Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"A Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency"

I thought this article, "UNLESS THE DEMOCRATS RUN SANDERS, A TRUMP NOMINATION MEANS A TRUMP PRESIDENCY," in all its all-caps hype, would be just more Bern-feeling sky pie. But there are some good points. Hillary would be a feast for Trump, while Bernie would mean famine. It's worth a read.

The writer even misses one big point. If Clinton beats Sanders in the primary, Trump will pick up more of his votes than if it went the other way. A lot of Sanders' support - like Trump's - is from people sick of the same-old. It's not all class warriors.

If you don't believe it - if you think Democratic disapproval of Trump is too high at this point to allow crossovers, you need to bear in mind that Republican disapproval for Trump (with his multiple divorces, godlessness, and plainly-stated previous support for gun control and abortion) was at this exact same level when he launched his run as his Democratic disapproval is now. He somehow won some (certainly not all) of them over, and he has unprecedented clearance to pivot hugely leftward without losing his current support ("I could shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters").

He's doing it already! He's come out flatly in favor of pro-Planned Parenthood (pre-deflecting the assertion he's a sexist pig) and against the Iraq War. He's already maneuvering leftward of Clinton, and doing so, of all places, in South Carolina. And still winning big there.

You know all those Democrat and MSNBC pundits who couldn't believe Trump truly meant some of the stuff he's been saying? They'll be given loads and loads of reason to believe they were right. He didn't. And many will never support him, just as many Republicans won't, due to all the right wing lines he's crossed. But a bunch will. And we won't hear much about it until it's too late, because few Trump supporters on the left will ever publicly admit it, even to pollsters.

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