Friday, February 26, 2016

Christie's Endorsement of Trump

So Chris Christie just endorsed Trump, and my mind's racing.

I passed very quickly over the notion that Christie - a belligerent hack, yes, but also a moderate - would back the birther-in-chief on principle.

It's certainly not unusual to see a politician go against his own instincts to ingratiate himself with a billionaire. This could guarantee Trump's financial support in future campaigns. But what future campaigns? New Jersey hates him, and he just failed miserably in his presidential run. Christie's got nowhere to go, politically.

There'd be no reason for a bombastic northeastern white male to choose another bombastic northeastern white male as his running mate. That'd be great for Christie, offering him another shot in 2024. But there's nothing in it for Trump.

So it's got to be a cabinet position. Christie, again, has nowhere else to go. He could, however, retreat to the private sector, so it would need to be a prominent cabinet position from which he could eventually rekindle his political career.

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