Saturday, May 28, 2016

Simple Weight Loss Tip

A surprisingly mainstream book which offered great yogic advice on how to breathe while working out (through nose only, and with a prolonged, slightly resisted exhalation) idly offered a weight loss tip without much emphasis: eat huge lunches and small dinners.

I resisted following this for years. Mainly, I "wasn't hungry at lunch" (as previously explained, your body has been trained to want the things it wants, and can easily change to accommodate new patterns).

But I'm currently staying in an area with expensive dinners and cheap lunches, so I've been lunching frequently, and having little more than a salad or soup for dinner (always careful to include lean protein). And I've done zero night snacking (I'd previously reduced this habit a lot, but not to zero).

And, sure enough, I've lost weight.

I think it's important to also eat breakfast.

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