Friday, August 5, 2016

Hilarious Trump Antidote

The Twitter feed of this TV producer and sometime writer (he wrote a few episodes of The Office) has been my salvation and consolation for over a week now. This Owen Ellickson guy has been using Twitter to create behind-scenes dialogs between Donald Trump and other people (mostly Paul Ryan, who serves as his Shakespearian chorus), and it's both hilarious and uncannily apt. Beyond parody, it often approaches something more akin to channeling.

I haven't written about it before, because it's kind of hard to come in in the middle, and Twitter doesn't make it easy to catch up. But one of a burgeoning number of fans (when I started, he had a couple thousand followers, but it's now nearly 25,000, including Patton Oswalt and other latecoming grandees) put together this helpful link and I quite honestly can't recommend it enough.

This scratches that stunned can't-look-away Trump itch we're all feeling. Spend a minute, and you'll spend a couple hours.

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