Monday, August 15, 2016

The Base

As I sat quietly in a suburban restaurant recently opened to cater to exactly the likes of me - craft beer, lots of wines-by-the-glass, coal oven pizza, good music - a couple of bros walked in asking for Bud Lite, and for the staff to take off the Olympics and put on the Yankees game.

"Excuse me! EXCUSE me!" they insisted until the waiter hustled to meet their demands. I was watching the Olympics (and drinking the most expensive, esoteric beer on the list), but up came the Yankees, and out came the Bud Lite. My empty glass went unnoticed. 

I sat for twenty minutes, waiting to have my empty, dirty plate removed and another beer offered. Never happened. 

As I paid and skulked off (while the bartender chatted amiably with the bros), I suddenly realized that it's not only politics where "the base" is taken for granted. 

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