Monday, April 10, 2017

Roman Pizza in Catalan Village

I've covered two previous trips to the Catalan village of Seva to visit my friend, Andrea Grimaldi, jazz guitarist and chef extraordinaire. Born and raised in Rome, Andrea has lived in Spain for many years, yet his cooking still retains the purity Mama Grimaldi instilled in him. He cooks pizzas in a wood-burning brick oven he built by hand. And they are fantastic.

I've posted photo essays after previous trips (here and here), but this time it's slide show time.

I'm unable to embed the (short) video, so you'll need to click here. Definitely blow it up to full screen. It's really something to see (here's a YouTube version with worse resolution).

See photos Andrea just sent from Rome (where he's been spending the week eating his mother's cooking) starting here.

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