Friday, January 12, 2018

Corn Flakes, Aliens, and Trees

Corn Flakes are among humanity's most delicious creations. Everyone eating Corn Flakes experiences deep bliss, but there's a mysterious amnesiac quality. The moment our bowl is empty, we retract back into indifference. Meh. Just Corn Flakes.

If aliens ever landed, they'd be stunned. This nectar is available anywhere, for mere pennies? And we feign indifference? What's wrong with you earthlings?

On a similar note, if trees had never existed, and suddenly appeared, en masse, we'd all be driven insane by the beauty.

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Display Name said...

Wow Jim what a delightful post to read before I ride into battle at midnight. Gonna keep your words in mind as I prepare to beat up male spell slingers at the mtg prerelease. With your inspiration I will be unstoppable. Thank you.

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