Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Music Postings

I'm a writer and a musician, but am definitely not a music writer. But every once in a while I "go there". For those who enjoyed "Bolero and Breakfast", yesterday's foray into the music world, here are some of my previous rare musings on music:

Having dragged back to light trombonist Ron Barron's worst moment, here's the story of a bad night of my own: Bad Nights

The funniest classical music video ever inspired me to voraciously research the story of New Hero: Carlos Kleiber

I've written profiles of Our Ruggiero Ricci (BTW, Ricci's best friend emailed to say my story - small and juvenile though it was - would have deeply delighted him), the astounding ears of Arnie Lawrence, Richard Wagner: Pussycat, and tepid fusioneer but spectacular flamenco traditionalist Paco de Lucia (¡Venga, Paco!). FWIW, here are all my profiles of people from all walks of life.

The Quandary of Unacclaimed Genius, my take on the infamous Joshua Bell stunt of posing as a subway busker.

My weekly hangout with nonagenarian musicians at Charlie's Jam Session

A video of me playing a trombone feature on a gig back in 1992.

My heartfelt attempt to reclaim music after a decade off: Back From Band Camp

And, finally, "The Majestic Depths of Pop Star Justin Beiber"

There've been other postings tagged "music" (here they are in reverse chronological order, played out over three long pages), but they usually involve music more peripherally.

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