Friday, June 1, 2018

Every Watson Believes He's the Sherlock

All the actors who've played Watson have done it wrong. They've all portrayed him as dopey, flustered, and vastly outclassed. But that's completely wrong.

Watson thinks he's the star. The tales are written from his perspective, and in his voice. He's a doctor - a solidly substantial fellow of professional dignity. And he's made an important discovery: this curious, eccentric, amusing, and curiously talented little dope fiend who he's benevolently brought to public light.

The condescension is not explicit, but neither is there the least evident subservience. As with Calvin Trillin and his dancing chicken, the storyteller may delight in enumerating the wonders of his subject, but that by no means places them on the same level.

Never forget that Salieri won.

Clue: I'm not talking about acting. I'm not even talking about Sherlock Holmes.

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