Thursday, June 28, 2018

Prediction re: SCOTUS Pick

I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but I don't hear anyone out there saying it (that deserves an acronym...I guess "IFSOBDHASI"?):

There's a widely-discussed short list of Supreme Court candidates, who pundits are busily describing and contrasting. And that's all utterly beside the point in terms of who will be selected.

Trump will pay zero heed to positions on abortion or immigration. He won't even factor in base appeal. He'll nominate a conservative, hoping that covers the required points, but the one and only qualification is some prior decision or writing demonstrating executive privilege maximalism. And he won't be content with private assurance (though he'll surely demand it); there will need to be a solid position statement already out there, preferably unsubtle and flagrant. That way he knows he can count on it.

So disregard the circus. The only thing that matters to our president is the upcoming Mueller report, and the scant ratty avenues he might turn to when it all hits. That is 100% what this will be about.

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