Sunday, July 15, 2018

2020, FFS

I've predicted a half dozen times here that the Democrats will run an extreme leftist for president in 2020, ensuring Trump's reelection. Well, I've never been more unhappy to say "I told you so". From today's NY Times:

"Warren is Preparing for 2020. So Are Biden, Booker, Harris and Sanders".

Four out of five are arguably the most leftist in current national Democratic politics, and are plainly unelectable. None could possibly peel off the burgeoning centrists and Republican refugees and never-Trumpers. In fact, Booker - despite his carefully-cultivated media image - might be a bonafide psychopath (google for hair-raising background).

Joe Biden is obviously who I'd support, though he's a bit of a clown, plus he'll surely go with a woman or minority VP candidate as an anachronistic and gratuitous gesture that won't win him a single additional vote. With a 77 year old, I need a rock-solid VP I like as much as the candidate, and who shares Biden's broad appeal. The only non-White Guy name I can come up with is Sally Yates.

(I have no idea of her politics, but in this election I don't give a crap about issues; I want solid integrity, honor, and broad appeal, period. I want boredom. I want Gerald Friggin' Ford. Which is why the very last thing we need right now is Bernie, the left's Trump - another divisive populist demagogue playing to people's anger and sense of entitlement).

I'm still holding out hope for Schiff/Yates - or, at least, Schiff as Biden's VP. Michael Bloomberg, alas, will be 78, a year older than Biden (and lacks name recognition and national experience).

At this low point we need to drop identity politics (but we won't) and elect someone with some breadth and honor whose primary characteristic is an ability to defeat Trump (and we won't). It's not time for glass ceilings, it's time to save the republic. So, look, I'd be happy to convert to Lutheranism to preserve the purity of this call; that is, I back Schiff and Bloomberg for their circumspection, not their circumcision.

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