Friday, July 20, 2018


I condescend to myself. Whenever I speak to my future self - leaving myself notes or taking voice memos or implanting demons, aka reminders), it’s like I’m talking to a total idiot.

In fact, I dictated this while driving (don’t worry, I have a hands-free system), and as I sit here transcribing, I'm growing more and more annoyed, listening to myself straining to be clear and complete and to avoid miscomprehension. I mean....I’m seated comfortably here at a desk in a peacefully quiet room, with ample time for reflection, and that guy's navigating stressfully through heavy traffic. And I’m no dumber than him. Why is that distracted, controlling jerk talking down to me like this?

Wait, what? I dictated this while driving? Then who, exactly, was complaining?

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