Friday, August 3, 2018

Good Clip of My Trombone Playing Back in the Day

Hey, this is kind of nice. This video slipped onto YouTube without my noticing at the time....a gig from 1992 with the Steve Weisberg Orchestra, which I always enjoyed. This was a pretty big trombone feature, and I was having a particularly good night.

...except, that is, for my tuning in some of the middle sections, which gets a bit cringe-inducing. Explanation: my horn was literally melting in my hands, strangely enough. I have unbelievably acidic skin, and I quickly eat through any metal I touch. This was a magical trombone I refused to discard, even though it had grown too soft and goopy to be entirely playable. I was loyal to it for its gorgeous sound, which produced precisely the timbre I was going for. A year or two later I very reluctantly shifted to another horn, which was never really the same, and not long thereafter I hung it up entirely due to Chowhound turning into an ever-scaling monster. Near the end (around 8':40" and thereafter), I was so involved and riled up that I made this unplayable horn play unearthly perfectly in tune; a minor miracle of shakti.
When you're done, maybe reread this, now that there's context.

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