Monday, August 6, 2018

Once Again: Never Count on Redemption

If you haven't heard of QAnon, it's the insanely ridiculous conspiracy theory for people too stupid for merely stupid conspiracy theories. It's where you go if you can't pronounce "Illuminati". As the great Rick Wilson explained in his classic take-down:
When even aggressive conspiracy-pusher faux-journalist loons and alt-lite thought leaders Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec find QAnon too crazy to promote, it should make you pause. Both men were aggressive promoters of the Pizzagate theory, in which a Washington D.C. restaurant was falsely alleged to be the center of a global child sex-trafficking, cannibalism and prostitution ring. Both were all-in on the cruel and false Seth Rich story, and a raft of other pro-Trump efforts to mainline fantasy conspiracies into the American body politics.
Yet QAnon is white hot right now. Untold millions are super into this thing, which is nothing more than a goofy goof propagated by a few chortling kiddies at 4Chan, the web hangout for bored, emotionally repressed smart kids with time on their hands thanks to free rent in Mom's basement. And "Anonymous" has gotten fed up with it all and threatened to expose them. So it won't last much longer.

When the whole thing fizzles, and believers should be left feeling like rubes, and sheepishly apologize to the rest of us for their poor judgement, and build up some resistance to future horse shit, none of those things will happen. Nor will any of that happen when at least one (probably two, and quite possibly three) Trump Crime Family member winds up in jail, and the horror, corruption, treason, and rot of this administration turns out to be more vast (and more moronic) than even the most hysterical Resistance hothead ever imagined.

Because, as I once wrote, you can "Never Count on Redemption."

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