Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Once the Con is Gone

When the MAGA diehards finally acknowledge the con, there will be no redemption. They will still hate Democrats just as much, while plunging into a deep cynicism leaving them still more vulnerable to demagoguery and extremism. There will be conciliation among moderates, but extremists gonna extreme.

Want to empathize just a bit? Consider: did you buy into Snowden/Assange when they first arose? Have you since realized their thing was hooey? Are you now recognizing that our intelligence community is professional, not totalitarian, and are you rooting for them to save us from this predicament? Do you recognize yet that Snowden/Assange were active measures in the same operation that brought us this horrific mess?

If no, give it another year (and a thorough digestion of Mueller's report, if it sees light of day), you'll get there. But if so, ask yourself: how embarrassed are you about having been caught up in all that? How publicly confessional? How much have you "hugged it out" with the squares who branded Snowden a traitor and Assange a jackal back in the day? Will they experience your redemption?

Never Count on Redemption


Peter Cucè said...

How is Snowden hooey?

Jim Leff said...

If you depend entirely on me for your information, you’re in real trouble. I’d urge you to diversify.

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