Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump Threatens iPhone Tariffs

I've been repeatedly stressing my worry about existential danger to Apple in the event that China really puts the screws to them.

Tariffs aren't a major long term concern, and they don't terrify investors much, either. Apple's stock is edging upward in spite of Cheetoh Jesus spouting some ignorant nonsense about how a tariff on iPhones would be a not-bad thing.

The Chinese could kick Apple out of China (e.g. if they consider them competition to some state-owned technology), or create conditions where Apple has no choice to pull out. They could devise all sorts of horrors, and that's my worry. Tariffs - from either side - would be a drag, and might mean waiting for a new president before I can recoup my investment. But it wouldn't panic me.

China really putting the screws to Apple would be very, very bad. And so far I don't see that on the horizon, knock aluminum alloy.

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