Friday, December 7, 2018

It Will Be Totally Rod Blagojevich

I have a prediction on the Trump/Russia thing. I already essentially put this on record back in February:
...but let me solidify it.

The president has no strategy post-Mueller. His lawyers might have concocted a strategy, but they knew their client would just blow it up with some stupid tweet, so they've simply kept him out of Mueller's hot seat and gathered intel on the investigation via slimeballs like Manafort. And his aides haven't the slightest idea what he actually did, so they have no way of anticipating any end game. After towing the brainless, loud-mouthed "No Collusion!!!" line for months, that's all they've got. It's the facade, the building, and foundation. There's no other structure.

So just as dear, dear Rod Blagojevich indignantly and furiously insisted on his innocence of blatantly obvious crimes right up until his fate was sealed and there was nothing else to say, we'll see that Trump’s got nothing (or, as Giuliani might put it, "bupkis"). We'll hear incredible tales backed up with incontrovertible evidence from Mueller (or whoever winds up sharing/leaking Mueller's report despite Trump's inevitable effort to muzzle it), and there will no rebuttal.

Needless to say, there will be fire and brimstone, rage tweeting, random incriminations and deflections, and there might even be a tail-wagging war with Iran to try to change the subject. His base will stand with him, and as long as they do, so will the Senate. Impeachment is inevitable, but conviction is a very tough hill to climb. So I'm not saying the story will be over.

But mark my words: it will be utter anticlimax. He'll be even guiltier of worse deeds than we imagined, and that...will be that.

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