Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Real Deal Behind the Amazon/Queens Fiasco

In case you're curious about the real story behind the cancelled Amazon HQ in Queens, see this rare burst of sanity and clarity from New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica (h.t. Paul Trapani).

Mujica makes great points with great precision, though he lets his emotions run away from him a couple times (which, of course, is the reciprocal version of the emotionality that fueled this fiasco to begin with; will we human beings ever learn to react to extremism with enlightened moderation rather than with reciprocal extremism?). For example, it may be true that outsiders with separate agendas ginned up lots of seemingly grassroots furor, but this goes way too far:
"The true local residents who actually supported the project and its benefits for their community are badly hurt."
I know plenty of "true local residents" who were strongly opposed. And I do understand that he artfully phrased his way around this. But "true" was an indulgence he should not have allowed himself. He was otherwise holding it together so well.

But, overall, it's a very strong and sharp and a great read for anyone.


Display Name said...

Is it my imagination Jim or is there a long post about N. Korea that has vanished? I am so confused

James Leff said...

Yeah was afraid it was dumb.

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