Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Best TV News Show

I've previously noted that the path to sanity in these politically trying times is the witty/smart Twitter feed (and Periscope live videos, also in the Twitter feed) of Rick Wilson.

If you're looking for a news show, centering on Trump, with a rational, smart perspective and a sense of humor - offering genuine insight rather than the standard shallow venting - you've got to check out "Deadline: White House" with Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC. It's on at a weird time, 4pm Eastern, but I'd strongly suggest you record it. If you watch just one news show, let it be this.

The program has always been good, but lately it's been unbelievable. Everyone I know in or around politics has been attracted; its influence increases geometrically. It's truly must-see TV.

I find MSNBC, generally, to be too lefty doctrinaire, CNN too shallowly surface-skating, and FOX to be cynically pursuing a strategy of profiting on - while abetting - the dismantling of the Republic (see clip below for, among other things, a dandy dissection of this). But Nicolle Wallace, a moderate Republican, is Goldilocks, and that's why she attracts the best guests (though not all are winners; one senses MSNBC policy foisting some substandard talking heads on her)

Here's Friday's show, which was particularly good (I loathe Al Sharpton, but I'll be damned if his political analysis - when he manages to get past his imperious, self-serving inclinations - isn't pretty sharp):

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