Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Photo Trick

If you're not sure how someone feels about you, ask them to take your photo. You'll discover how they frame you (literally and figuratively).

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Display Name said...

I was startled to learn this by accident during the Doylestown Zombie Crawl of 2011. Don't most insights come during Zombie Crawls? The owner of the shop that organized the crawl sells my drug of choice cardboard crack aka Magic the Gathering. I thought the dude hated me but the pic he took of moi was so flattering that I had it printed out and framed. I still stare at it in wonder sometimes. I am a member of a food group and often the people hang out irl and take pics. The pic the ex chowhounds took of one of my fav members was so shockingly unflattering (and they did post that pic too) that I remember thinking wow I thought they liked her. It was awful. With everyone having a camera on hand this trick is much easier to research. Great post Jim!

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