Monday, August 12, 2019


My favorite pundit, Rick Wilson, tweeted this:
After decades of invective about us godless depraved NYC assholes, these guys have chosen to worship the very worst of the ilk.

One day they’ll line up solidly behind a Mexican rapist/criminal socialist, just wait and see.

BTW, this move dates all the way back to the beginning with a crowd that maybe wasn’t always super pro-Semitic following a Jewish dude.


Anonymous coward said...

Rather than rage and rage at the Trump administration I've decided to try reframing like you've suggested in a recent post. Now I've framed everything Trump does as hilarious, I'm happier now and can focus better. Thanks for the tip about reframing.

"It's the function that can view Donald Trump as, alternatively, hilarious...or not the least bit funny (one perspective at a time, but flip at will - and, if you'll notice, the entire universe shifts accordingly). " Leff

James Leff said...

There are a literal infinity of other framing options. Be creative.

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