Sunday, August 25, 2019

Housekeeping Note

I added an important sentence to the second-to-last paragraph of my last posting, "Framing Failure". You might want to back up a 'graph or two and reread. It makes much more sense now.

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Display Name said...

Struggling with the reframing thing today Jim. Funny you should label it a fried chicken binge. That popeye's fried chicken sandwich is all over the internet atm and it really is all that. I'm calm and laid back. I was with a man for many years whose mother was a rageaholic. He struggled with anger issues too and I think he was drawn to my calm. During one of our discussions he told me quite seriously he thought I would fly into a rage over something. I just blinked. We are talking a thirty plus year relationship. I didn't say it but it really seems to be all about mother. Anyhow I am working on being more assertive. I stuck up for myself twice this week and the first one was hilarious. Second was last night at a bar. The sky didn't fall no one yelled and the first time I said my piece and the second time I got my beer before the guy who practically tried to shove me aside. I even re read your post about getting out of people's way. I'm trying to do the opposite of the fried chicken binge and making sticking up for myself when it really matters to me more of a habit. Keep going back and forth between I can't believe I did that to wow I was a m a z i n g. Like every three seconds. Each time there was no raising of my voice, no glaring just gently amused SASSY. I can do this but omg the growing pains.

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